Who we are

The University of Manitoba has been working with sex workers in Kenya since 1983 in collaboration with other leading academic institutions. The team worked on a range of infectious diseases but the primary focus has been on HIV/AIDS and over the years a significant amount of information and data from these studies has contributed to the global understanding of the virus and the virus/host interaction.
In 2008 with support from PEPFAR, the ongoing research initiative operating under two clinics expanded to a broader program covering Nairobi county and its environs seeing the birth of what is now the SWOP program.
The SWOP program purposed to strengthen the prevention and management of STDs and HIV infection/AIDS by establishing sustainable community activities, and improved STD control services emphasizing women’s health and involvement.

In 2013 SWOP program transitioned to an NGO (SWOP Kenya)registered under the NGO’s act. This development was led by the need to integrate the KP community into the implementation and management of the Sex Workers Outreach Program (SWOP).
Currently SWOP-Kenya has seven facilities strategically located within Nairobi county offering services to over 45000 sex workers, 3000 MSM and over 1000 priority populations (Adolescent Girls and Young Women)